Specializing in Excavation Projects Throughout the BC Interior

Excavation Services

Specializing in Excavation Projects Throughout the BC Interior

Excavation Site Services and Land Sculpting

Genesis Landscaping & Excavation Services focuses on excavation projects throughout the BC interior.

To prepare your site for building, we will selectively clear and slope your lot to prepare it for your contractors. We can prepare the septic field and excavate the basement or foundation area of your new house.

If you plan to move land to build a swimming pool or garden pond, we have specialized heavy equipment that can cut through hard earth and remove rocks. We will modify the landscape to your precise specifications.

Our excavation experts know how to navigate the ground underneath your property so the intricate system of water pipes, sewer lines, and septic equipment will not be damaged. Even through those tight areas, our team can expertly trench for pipe installation or water line repair.

Driveway and Road Building

We build roads for land access, including logging roads and rural driveways. Driveway excavation services include removing material from the ground that can ruin the smooth surface.

Our second phase is laying down and compressing a solid base that won’t deteriorate and will protect the finished driveway from erosion. We then create an adequate pitch to prevent future drainage problems so that water flows away from your house. Your driveway is now ready to be surfaced in the material of your choice – gravel, asphalt or stone.

More extensive road building includes grading, excavation and embankment. If you require road building and excavation services, call us. You will be in the capable hands of skilled professionals.

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